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Sardar BEGUM Memorial Degree College (SBMDC), Hasanpur situated in Uttar Pradesh along with well-known district of Amroha happens to be one of the most proficient degree colleges that country has today. The college founded by Mr. Haji Muhammad NAQI KHAN has gone a long way ever since its inception and has developed further on to become as the most coveted degree college nowadays.
Located at Hasanpur, free from pollution and near to the beauty of nature Sardar BEGUM Memorial Degree College (SBMDC), provides the students with an optimum opportunity to go well along with their studies to become successful personalities in their career. The college has some of the most wonderful amenities that are possible to be inculcated in an educational institute in the modern day world.
Sardar Begum Memorial Degree College (SBMDC) has it all, from the lush green sports field to the vast space needed for mega infrastructure development. SBMDC has the scope of infrastructure development in each and every field to move along well with the fast pace of the global education society. The director of SBMDC, KHURRAM AZAD KHAN, an MBA in IB from LONDON, believes in honesty and sincerity with earnest approach in its commitment towards its goal and that is what is being taught to students at this institution along with their studies.
The college has all the facilities in regard with the modern day technological prowess having the Practical Labs in all the core subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Zoology and even Botany. The college has proposed plans for further on inculcating Biotechnology and Fashion Designing Labs for all of its students along with various other requested courses as well.
Sports and Recreational facilities are also being provided at an optimum level at Sardar Begum Memorial Degree College (SBMDC). It has a sports field spread over 25000 square feet which can accommodate all kinds of sports be it badminton, football, basketball or cricket. Facilities for various indoor games such as table tennis are also being made available to the students for their recreation.
Sardar BEGUM Memorial Degree College (SBMDC) maintains a total hygiene for all of its property and especially for the washrooms and classrooms so as to ensure a healthy and disease free atmosphere for all of its students and staff. The college even has plans to develop the infrastructure further on and to provide hostel facilitates to all of its students from outstation and local area as well as so as to make education easier for them all.
SHAHZAD KHAN who is a Graduate of Law, and righteously the chairman of Sardar BEGUM Memorial Degree College (SBMDC) has ensured along with the director of the college that the faculty brought in to this college has global proficiency levels and can provide the education and knowledge to the students of the college with a global reach.
Time invested at SBMDC, ensures all of guaranteed invaluable returns, as the college authorities go beyond a professional level to take care of all the individuals related to the college and consider them as one big single family. All of the ingredients listed above make Sardar BEGUM Memorial Degree College (SBMDC), the most desirable college from all kind of prospects be it student, staff or even faculty.

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